17 November 2010

Recipe 2 - Wine Biscuits (Μπισκότα Κρασιού)

If you need some delicious biscuits to go with your coffee, tea or your drink then look no further. I love these biscuits because the more you chew them the more flavour they release, making them quite addictive!

This is a very simple recipe and the ingredients cost very little, so you can make loads of biscuits without breaking the bank. Your guests will like you even better for having such a treat with their drink 

300gr    olive oil
50gr    freshly squeezed orange juice
150gr    icing sugar
250gr    dry white wine
150gr    sesame seeds
1 tsp    baking powder
1 pinch     of salt
800gr    plain flour
200gr    corn flour

1.    In a bowl mix together the olive oil, orange juice and wine.

2.    Add the icing sugar and mix well to dilute it.

3.    Add the remaining ingredients and mix them to make a soft dough.

4.    Roll the dough until about 2-3mm thick

5.    Cut it in circles of about 3cm in diameter (I use a shooter glass to cut the dough in circles).

6.    You can gather the left over dough and roll it out again, so that nothing goes to waste.

7.    Place in a buttered baking tray and bake at 160C for about 25min

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